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​​My journey with STEi Institute was very good. I learnt lot of things from STEi. My institute help me to place my industrial attachment with Sushi-Tei Pte Ltd. I am satisfied with the services of STEi. The environment of STEi is very good. All staff is very good and helpful to the queries of the students. All facilities are available for students here. Overall I am satisfied with my institute and industrial attachment with my company.

- Amit Chaudhary
Diploma in Hospitality Management

My Experience in this institute was too good, all staff very supportive and all my lecturers are very an open-minded person and always help us at any queries or any problem in a study. I had a great experience in 6 months study, After that, I went to OJT at Changi Airport and my work experience was very good. In this internship I learned new skills, overall I have had a good experience in STEi.

- Trivedi Parth Jitendrakumar
Diploma in Hospitality Management

STEi student speak ! Now he is working as cashier in Malaysian resort.

- ​​Vikas Kumar
Hospitality Management

" I am currently studing Advanced diploma in hospitality management in stei institute. The OJT course will help me to learn more practical skills and useful knowledge for my future ambition. But now I will further study in this course and with the stei support I will attend OJT course and at the same time this is my opportunity to get entry to this industry, I will learn more skills during and after the OJT course ."

- Kow Jik How
Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management

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Sharing his experience in front of stei institute students.

- Thomas Nagel​
Certificate in Food & Beverage Operations

I had a very good experience in my industrial attachment. I learned lot new things in Crown Worldwide Pte Ltd. I made a lot of contacts during my OJT. this industrial attachment helped me to learn and improve my skills.

- Saini Anshul
Diploma in logistics and supply chain management

​​“I am done my diploma in hospitality management, and being selected in the Goodwood Park Hotel and it’s a five star hotel, the lecturers really helped me to bring my right path for my right career and I am really thankful to stei institute “

- ​​Arshdeep Singh Chahal​
Diploma in Hospitality Management

Overall in STEi I have gained more knowledge and experience in Hospitality Management. My personal development and the presentation really helps me to get out of my fearness And finally thank you STEi for everything.

- Ramalingam Vigneshwaran
Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management


MOHAMMED SHAMIHED who did Diploma in Hospitality Management shares his experience about studying in Singapore at STEi Institute and his Internship

- ​​Mohammed Shamihed
Diploma in Hospitality Management

"STEi Hospitality management courses comprises of 6 months Internship. Internship helps overseas students to gain hands on experience. "

- ​​Kumar​
Diploma in Hospitality Management

In stei campus all teachers are very cooperative and helpful. They provide everything for students to study. In stei all lecturers are well qualified. In OJT I went to sushi tei pte ltd and learned a lot of experience in on job training. I learned in on the job training the punctuality and sincerity is more important for the person. In sushi tei manager was very nice and cooperative.

- Deepak
Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management

CHANDRASEKARAN AJITH KUMAR who completed Certificate and Diploma course at STEi Institute speaks about his internship experience.

- ​​Chandrasekaran Ajith Kumar
Diploma in Hospitality Management

​​MANPREET KAUR completed Advanced Diploma in Hospitality management at STEi Institute. She shares reviews her lecturer, study and internship

- Manpreet Kaur
Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management

JASPREET SINGH who completed DHM (Diploma in Hospitality management) shares his review about studying in STEi Institute and internship

Diploma in Hospitality Management

​​BRAR HARMANDEEP SINGH who studied Diploma in Hospitality Management from STEi Institute talks about his Internship experience. 

- ​​Brar Harmandeep Singh
Diploma in Hospitality Management

"I am student of stei institute and I am taking a course of Diploma in hospitality management. I improved in my communication skills and all the credit goes to stei institute. So whatever I learned in my theories that is my past six months, I could actually apply physically to my industrial attachment which it was really helpful"

- ​​Rinzin​
Diploma in Hospitality Management

STEi is a good institute for the students. The institute teach us in a systematic manner, It helps students to develop skills and acquire knowledge. STEi gave me the good experience to study.

- Kaur Amandeep​
Diploma in Hospitality Management

My study experience was very good in stei. The lecturers teaching way was very good and I learned here many thing and improved in practical knowledge. Then stei give my OJT in Five star hotel. Now I am completed my course.

- Ankur kumar
Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management

"I studied Diploma in hospitality management in stei institute.
There is a lot of scope in Hospitality industry and booming industry in Singapore, and I am very happy to let you know that I got selected in Mandarin Oriental hotel "

- ​​Akshay Waghmare​
Diploma in Hospitality Management

"Student sharing his experience about his study in Singapore and gaining employment."

- ​​Praveen Kumar
Advanced diploma in Hospitality Management

I learned a lot of things about Food and beverage during my study and internship. I have gained more confidence in STEi institute. Thank you so much STEi 😊​​

- Pushpinder Kaur
Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management

"Samandeep Kaur who studied in Hospitality Management shares her experience studying in Singapore at STEi Institute and about Internship."

- ​​Samandeep Kaur​
Diploma in Hospitality Management

Everything is perfect. STEi is a good institute for hospitality management. I learned too many things in theory and practical. my internship experience was really good and I have learned a lot. Now I have an knowledge about Japanese food.

- Patel Sachinkumar Sureshbhai
Diploma in Hospitality Management

" I did a diploma in hospitality management in stei institute. In OJT, I have learned a lot of things. Now I am pursuing ADHM in this school. After this I have a lot of chances to go Australia because after two years study in stei institute, I can easily apply to study in Australia "

- ​​Thomas Nagel
Diploma in Hospitality Management

“The best thing of stei institute is that they give 100% IJT. the lecturers teaching style was very nice and they are giving the best direction. So, I am very lucky to be a student at stei institute”

- ​​Sawan Kumar
Certificate in Food & Beverage Operations

AAKASH JAIDKA who did Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management shares his experience about studying in Singapore at STEi Institute and his Internship 

- ​​Aakash Jaidka
Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management

Study Singapura is proud of its association with STEi Institute as we receive excellent reviews and positive feedback about STEi from our previous students. 

Study Singapura understands that student reviews are very important for prospective students to consider and select specific courses and institute. So, we have compiled above various video testimonials of STEi students. The testimonials above show few students sharing their experiences about studying in STEi Institute. Most students have praised STEi’s internship placements. They have found the lectures and staffs very supportive.

A decision to go abroad for higher education course is a huge one. A student spends considerable amount of money, time and have to be away from their relatives and friends. Study Singapura understands that a student need to consider lot of factors while choosing the right country and the institute.The purpose of this website page is because Study Singapura believes such reviews given by students studying at an institution will give aspiring or prospective students a preview of the institution’s facilities, its courses, teaching faculties and other important information about the country and institution.

Study Singapura will try to feature video or written reviews in the website in order to assist aspiring or prospective student applicants to preview the pros and cons before making the decision to study in STEi Institute. 

​​JIRALD MACWAN speaks about his study experience in STEi Institute and also about Internship. He wants to continue his studies in STEi and do Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management.

- Jirald Macwan
Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management

"Student share her thoughts on studying at STEi and getting employment. "

- ​​Gurpreet gore​
Advanced diploma in Hospitality Management